March 3rd, 2012


KAT-TUN concert's tickets at Hiroshima Green Arena

Hello ladies ^^

for some reasons, this year I have more concert tickets than I need.
I have 4 spare tickets for KAT-TUN's concert at Hiroshima Green Arena on 13th April and I'll give them for free to the first ladies commenting.
Pls do not comment if you are not sure you'll be there, don't waste a good opportunity for another KT fan.
Also, I'll be there, and I'll give them to you personally.
I'm posting here because I really love this community and the wonderful people I found here.

I'll edit this post as soon as the tickets will be assigned

So, pls be my guest!


EDIT: Tickets finished. To the ladies that will be at Hiroshima at 13th: see you there! To all the others: I hope I'll be able to do something like this again next time.. ^_^